Ricotta herb Chicken

You take a bite of chicken, the herbs hit you in the mouth and the cheese is warm and gooey. Now that you are hungry I will give you my recipe 😉


Package of thick chicken breasts
A generous helping of fresh basil cut small
Small tub of fresh Ricotta
1 red pepper diced


1/2 red onion diced
Can of tomato paste
Salt & Pepper
Preheat oven to 425

Start out by butterflying your chicken. I used slightly thicker breasts just so I would have more room to stuff them but you can also use thin sliced and just roll the ingredients in them

Mix all of your herbs/cheeses together and S&P to taste. (Keep in mind that Ricotta usually needs a decent amount of salt to bring out the flavor)
Take your mixture and stuff your chicken generously. You want to make sure that you stuff it with enough mixture to get a little bit in every bite, don’t worry if it spills out a bit when its cooking it adds to the beauty 🙂

Once your chicken is stuffed you want to make the sauce. Cut your herbs into small pieces and add them plus your onion to your tomato paste. Mix well and bend over and take a sniff… go ahead I will wait… Good right!!

Put your chicken into a pyrex dish and cover with the sauce

Stick them in the oven for 30-45 depending on size. After 30 I recommend checking them. Mine only needed 40 minutes.

I put the chicken over pasta and served…. every plate was clean within 10 minutes!

If you take the time to make this please send me an email to Momoftwosalums@hotmail.com so I can post it on my Viewer Pictures page!


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