What people don’t tell you… Volume #4

Your kid is the smartest kid on the block right ? 🙂
Yes , we all think the same way…the problem with that is, well, we all (although we say we don’t) compare our kids.

Go ahead, pretend that you don’t for a second and then realize that I am right. Listen, it’s okay…to a point. The problem with comparing is that your gorgeous, wonderful, amazing, smart kid will inevitably do something slower, different, or backwards at least once from another kid. There is no perfect kid, there is no genius that will do everything to a T.

Try your best not to compare for a few reasons:

1. It’s not fair to your kids
2. It’s not fair to you but yes, yes you know this already
3. Your kid might be smarter than most but do you want to be that parent that always brags and makes other people feel bad?
4. Your kid might be a little slow… at the minute, some kids learn slower than others but most will catch up. Do you want to change your view of your little one just because you think they should know their alphabet, or colors, or numbers and currently they don’t?

On a side note…if you think that your child should know more than they do seek a professional opinion. If for nothing else to put your mind at ease. If they are a little behind then you can get the help that they need ASAP. It does make all the difference…trust me. There is nothing wrong with either asking for help and not needing it or asking for help and getting it. Anything that will help your baby is the right thing to do 😉

okay so what have we learned haha, don’t compare. Well okay lets not be naive… only compare a little and try to do it between your hubby/wife/partner and yourself. Love your baby unconditionally, kiss them every morning and every night and make sure to tell them that you love them a million time a day and the last thing you say to them at night.



P.S here is an adorable picture of my hubby playing with the kids on the swings the other day

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