DIY Votive Holders

I am obsessed with candles. That is even probably an understatement. I usually have at least one big one or a few little ones burning every day. I also love making presents for people so I figured I would combine the two.

Christmas is coming, I know just deal with it…it will be okay!
Money is very tight this year so I am trying to make all of my own presents. I had a few votive holders that were plain and I thought about painting them but I wanted to do something different.

I had this super cute tissue paper that my friend Christine gave me with my adorable bridesmaid presents for being in her wedding. As soon as I saw it I put it to the side because I knew I had to use it for something.

I pulled out the candle holders, tissue paper and paper mod podge.

Keep in mind that the tissue paper will never go on perfectly, it’s not supposed too. I like the look of the wrinkles. Another option is to cut it into little squares and overlap them or just use two different kinds of paper for more of a mosaic feel.

I cut bigger squares of my paper and set them aside but ready to go. You then want to put some mod podge directly onto the votive holder. Put enough for roughly one piece of tissue paper so you give yourself enough time to stick it down otherwise you will feel rushed.

Take your tissue paper and push it against your votive but make sure you don’t stick it over the top (fire hazard and all). You will be cutting it off once its dry so just make sure it sticks at the very bottom and very top. Continue that all the way around the votive. I then put a generous amount over the tissue paper. It helps seal it and also helps all the pieces stick together.

Once its dry go ahead and cut the excess off the top and bottom and there ya have it!

This is what they look like during the day

and then at night with a tealight in them…I personally love them and can’t wait to give them out for Christmas.

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