Apple picking with my babies

Recently we went Apple picking with L’s class. My mom and aunt were here from Ireland that week so it worked out perfectly. My Aunt J lives here and drove down Auntie P to meet up with us as a surprise for L. She was cranky that morning because she hadn’t slept too well but she was happy to see them and get the day started after a few minutes.

They learned a song at school that went to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle and she had been practicing for days. The deal was that they had to sing the song to the lady at the entrance before they went in. All the kids had to go up and stand together to start singing, L did but refused to stand the right way so she was the only one that stood backwards haha… total individual and I love it.

She didn’t leave my mom’s side all day, it was really cute. They all were given their own little bag to fill with apples so off she went with grannie.

She only wanted to pick the perfect little apples that she could eat. She went through every apple and picked only certain ones.

I also bought a bag because I wanted to do some cooking with them. Unfortunately this year was bad for apples, they only had one type and every apple tree north of us didn’t produce any apples. We were asked to carefully pick the apples and try not to drop any on the ground as they would be wasted.

My Auntie P carried J most of the day which he was thrilled with. He was dressed in a cute little sweater but it got so warm that I had to take it off.

After picking a few apples I picked what I thought was the perfect one and asked Auntie P to hold it out for me. There also was a gorgeous apple with rain drops all over it that I couldn’t resist getting a picture of

Once we were done they invited us to eat lunch at the benches. We bought a few apple cider donuts because, well, they are amazing and walked around a little bit. I asked L to take a picture with some of the signs that were there. Mom held her up for the one and she was squinting because the sun was in her eyes.

We had a great day and enjoyed our apples in a few different ways! This week… Pumpkin picking 🙂

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