My baby is turning one!

Now that the craziness of the last few months is over I can concentrate on one thing…. My son’s first birthday.

I can’t believe that its just a few months away. This has been the fastest year yet. I think having two kids just accelerates time and I’m not sure that I am comfortable with that yet. I want to keep him small forever but I am so excited to see all of the new things that he will learn, the way he will play with Lana, and how his little voice sounds when he starts talking on sentences.
I have been thinking about his party for a while but I had so many other things going on that I couldn’t devote the time or energy I wanted to. My friend posted a very cute invitation on my FB page bc she thought it was perfect… it was. I don’t like paying for things that I can make myself so of course I went straight to PicMonkey and came up with this…

I mean so stinking cute right!!
I also plan on making him a little dinosaur costume with a hoodie and felt spikes and a tail that I will sew onto a pair of pants.

Bunting is also really popular and so easy to do, I want to do something with that as well but I will try to tie in the dinosaur theme…. suggestions?

Any ideas on how to decorate on a budget for a dinosaur theme? What was your kids 1st birthday themes??

4 responses to “My baby is turning one!

  1. Don’t they grow up so fast! It’s like you blink and they go from being a cuddly baby to a toddler.

    For Mina’s first birthday we did black cats with a pink and black theme since her birthday was on Friday the 13th in October. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on decorations and stuff when I can do a ton with very little. I’ve done everything from making the ceiling look like a tent using many strands of cray paper extended from the edges of the room to the center (for Hello Kitty party) to creating a rainbow out of balloons and turning the wall into a poppy field with green paper and red tissue paper (for Wizard of Oz theme party) I like to create the scene…it adds to decorating without having a million of the same character. You could do something like that with the dinosaur theme.

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