Poached eggs are sent from heaven

I made an awesome dinner tonight, fed my husband, BIL and daughter and when I sat down to eat myself all I could think about was a poached egg. I go through stages of wanting them but I usually only do when I have an English muffin in the house.

So I cleaned the kitchen from dinner and started on my egg.
First I put the egg into a little bowl with a tiny bit of sea salt.
I got my water to an almost boil (it doesn’t come out right if the water is boiling).
Drop about a capful of vinegar into the water. It changes the PH balance and helps keep the egg whites together.

Swirl your water with a spoon (use a slotted spoon so you can use it to pull out your egg later)
Once your water is reminiscent of the whirlpools you made as a kid in the pool drop I. Your egg

All if the egg whites should stay together but if not use your spoon to help them get close and comfy. Set your timer for 3 minutes and spoon your water over the egg making sure your water never comes to a boil. If you don’t feel like devoting 3 minutes to an egg then don’t make this.

Once your time is up lift it with your slotted spoon and rest it on top of your English muffin. I also added some Monterey Jack cheese under the egg

Sit back and enjoy how pretty it looks


Then take your knife and cut through the middle so the yolk drizzles all over your muffin. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s amazing!!


Happy Eats!!

**have a different poached egg recipe or edited this one and want to share? Email me a picture to momoftwosalums@hotmail.com

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