DIY Paper Snowflake…..Also a fundraiser…read on!

I have wanted something on my front door for the holiday’s but I didn’t want to buy an expensive wreath. I have a ton of christmas scrapbook paper and figured that I would just make something myself. This snowflake looks like it takes hours but it really only took me 20 minutes or so.

The supplies you need are:
6 pieces of scrapbook paper
Glue Gun

First I got out 6 pieces of paper that were pretty but still easy to fold. Since I used 12×12 pieces I didn’t have to cut anything to make it a perfect square



1. Fold each of the 6 pieces of paper in half, diagonally.

2. Fold the triangle in half, noting where the folded “bottom” of the triangle is.

3. Cut 4 lines in the triangle. Position the scissors along the bottom fold, and parallel to one of the edges going up to the top (your cuts should be somewhat diagonal). Cut almost all the way up to one of the side edges. Keep about the same distance between each cut. Then unfold carefully. It should look like picture #4

4. Put your paper design side down. Roll the first two innermost paper lines to form a tube and tape them together.

5. Turn the diamond over and do the same with the new two paper lines. Continue flipping your diamond until all lines are taped together

6. Your snowflake piece should look similar to the picture

Once you finish all 6 pieces you will need to join them together. Take three of the pieces and hot glue (or tape/staple) the three points together.


Do the same with the other three pieces. You will now have two separate flakes with three pieces on each. Glue your two pieces together…don’t be afraid to hot glue it well as there will be pressure on the middle joints when it is hung.

Once it is all connected you will need to finish off by gluing the 6 “arms” together where they meet. (this will make much more sense when you are doing it.)

Then proudly display your giant snowflake where all can see and be jealous!!

Finishedflake**** Very Exciting News ****

One of my friends brought to my attention that Sandy Hook is collecting snowflakes for the victims of the horrific shooting that occurred last week. I for one think it was complete fate that I made this just days after without knowing… therefore I am going to start making them for Sandy Hook and I would love it if you would join in! Let’s see how many we can make… If you are interested please put a message on my FB page. I am going to get all the names together and we can keep track as a group of how many we have made. We have until Jan 12th to get them there so I am setting the deadline to Jan 4th if you are from outside the US or Jan 9th if you are in the US. They don’t have to look like the above snowflake. It doesn’t matter if they are 3D and honestly they don’t have to be perfect. This is a great way for those of us who want to do something to help.I look forward to hearing from you. I need help as I would love to be able to get 1000 to them.

I would love to see what you create! Send me an email with any questions or with a picture of your design to

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