Fresh Fallen Snow Vanilla Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I don’t understand why the ice cream parlor’s close in the winter because I usually have a bowl of it everyday. Ever since I bought myself an ice cream maker this summer I have made a few different types of deliciousness. Check out my Spiced Apple and Nutella Gelato recipes.

While I was watching one of my favorite shows, 19 kids and counting – don’t judge me, I heard them talk about snow ice cream and immediately found a recipe. Of course I was bummed when we hardly got any snow last year and the snowfall that we did get I completely forgot to make it!

WELL it has been snowing here in NY for a few days now. As soon as I saw there was a few inches I put on my Uggs and ran outside. I pray no one saw me because I had on a yoshi t-shirt and sweats.
I grabbed a big bowl and scooped up 6 cups of freshly fallen snow. I came inside and received an odd look from my in-laws and daughter but they all know how I operate haha.

I took my 6 cups of snow mixed in a can off condensed milk and a tbsp of my homemade Vanilla Extract. (Pics to come later)

You then just mix it all up until it becomes ice cream consistency. The beauty of it is that since it’s so cold you can eat it right away. I was a bit skeptical because of its simplicity but it’s true sometimes simple is best.

It was delicious! I handed a big bowl to my FIL and he couldn’t believe how delicious it was either. This will now be a family favorite, L has already asked for a bowl every night this week.

In the below pic I added some chocolate shavings and coconut. What combinations can you come up with?


2 responses to “Fresh Fallen Snow Vanilla Ice Cream

  1. I like the idea… but my friends son ate some snow here the other week and then spent the weekend being sick!! It wasn’t “yellow” snow either!!

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