Happy Birthday to my little boy – Part One

I am dedicating a few posts this week to my darling boy. His birthday is 1-2-12 (pretty cool if you ask me) so we celebrated a few days ago.
I went through the pictures I wanted to share with you and since there were so many I decided to split it. This post will focus on his first 6 months and tomorrow I will show you the next 6. Then I will do a post on his birthday party that we are having on Saturday.

J caused all sorts of “problems” for me when I was pregnant. I lost about 20lbs (same with L) and was so sick the entire time. I was put on Zofran half way through my first trimester and I was on it pretty much the entire time. I, thankfully, was able to eat whatever I wanted but I couldn’t cook red meat. I couldn’t stand the smell of it before it started to brown. YUCK!
I went to the hospital numerous times with false labor and even had to get shots a few times to stop my contractions because I was too early.
Christmas came and went and I felt like it was going to happen any day. I wasn’t scheduled to have my C-Section until the end of January but I knew it was going to be sooner than that.
On New Year’s Day I went to my Uncle T’s house for his annual party. Everyone knew I was going to pop very shortly and he urged me to have his famous eggnog. He was convinced it would start labor, which was fine for me because I was very uncomfortable. Don’t judge, the eggnog had some alcohol in it but my doctor assured me it was fine. The next day I was feeling contractions again and called the doctor. He asked me to come in so I could be monitored. After a few hours they were pretty steady and since I was so uncomfortable he decided today was the day. Although I was ready to have him I got super nervous instantly. We called everyone and let them know that they could come visit the new member of the family later that day.
I was super nervous about my spinal because I had some trouble with the one I had with L two years before. It took a few different tries to get the spinal in the right place but I still wasn’t going numb. They held my shoulders and propped the table up so the blood would rush out of my legs faster…15 minutes later they felt like they were numb. The nurse went to get Mr. A and bring him into the room and my amazing doctor’s started the surgery. After they got through, what I believe was, the first layer I started to feel, well, everything. I could feel their fingers, the knife, the pain of the incision. It turns out that because of my back surgery there appeared to be a pocket that the anesthesia didn’t reach. My poor husband was walking into the room while I was screaming in pain and trying to lift my body off the table. My anesthesiologist had to eventually knock me out because the pain was so bad and I was moving way too much. Because of that I didn’t get to see J when he was first taken out but I honestly didn’t mind. I was healthy, he was healthy that’s all that mattered. J was bron on 1-2-12 at 10:20am. He was perfect and still is. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pics of him from his first 6 months.

10 responses to “Happy Birthday to my little boy – Part One

  1. A year in the life of jack, happy birthday little grandson luv you as much as the miles are between us, But missing you more xoxo

  2. I loved the photos! Don’t they grow so fast? I don’t know about you, but I always feel conflicted….I want them to grow and develope, but at the same time they quickly grow out of being babies so fast and that’s a little heartbreaking. Happy Birthday Jack!

  3. Amazing pictures!! It’s great that you have them and then get to look at them after some years. It will always make you remember how beautiful it was and how fast time goes. Happy birthday to your little one!

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