Happy Birthday To My Little Man – Part 2

I SO hoped to get this post up last week but I was so super busy that it didn’t happen. Saturday was J’s 1st birthday party… well on Thursday we found out that the sewer line that is connected to the house was broken. It is okay for us in the house but there was no way we were hosting a party of 50 people! I panicked, I called a few people and my BIL said that we could have the party at his house but he also wasn’t feeling good and has a dog (that was in heat) and I figured it was better to have it somewhere else so he wouldn’t have to stress. I decided to call the American Legion right down the street and give them our sob story. Well it worked and they graciously let us have the room for 1/3 of the price!!!

Friday my good friend Shelby (and future cousin in law) can over and spent HOURS helping me shop and get ready for the party. If she hadn’t have been here there would have been no way to get it all done but that post will be for another, hopefully tomorrow, day.

So here they are… the last 6 months of my gorgeous little man’s life. Some of the pics ended up being a bit out of date but you will find him cute nonetheless.

ENJOY! and I have some exciting news to come soon so please stay tuned! It has to do with a new blog that I have been asked to manage!!

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