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Come Craft With Me

Here at Come Craft with Me we are starting something very exciting. We will be doing a tutorial on a fun craft every week!

This week will be a Duct Tape Heart tutorial

Supplies you will need :

2 Duct Tape sheets per heart (or just a roll of Duct Tape)
bag of Poly-Fil **

A contrasting color of Duct Tape for the pocket
A Cricut

If you don’t have a Cricut then you will have to make a heart template out of paper/cardboard and use it to trace a heart on the sheet and cut it out. Then skip to step #3


1. Put your Duct Tape sheet onto your cricut sticky sheet and load it into the cricut

2. The cartridge that comes with your cricut (any model) will have a heart in it. You want to do the main heart at 6.50 for sizing…

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