Sugar Scrub

This year I made most of my Christmas presents but I forgot to get a picture of most of them. UGH! I know, I take pictures of EVERYTHING and I forgot that.

I did however get a picture of the Sugar Scrub that I made. This stuff is so quick and easy and it smells amazing.
I bought 4 small mason jar’s on sale at Hobby Lobby for $4.00. My husband picked up the Dawn Olay hand renewal dish-washing soap for me and I got started.

Fill your jar up with sugar to just where the lid begins. To make it easier on yourself pour the sugar into a bowl and start slowly adding your Dawn Olay Hand Renewal. Stir constantly and keep adding the Dawn until you get a nice paste. You want it to resemble frosting a bit. (There is no wrong way to do this so if you like it a bit coarser then just add less Dawn.)

Spoon your scrub into your mason jar and decorate as desired.

sugar scrub

bottom of scrub

** To use scoop out a small amount into your hands and scrub the front and back of your hands then rinse with warm water. Your hands will be super soft in just a few uses.

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13 responses to “Sugar Scrub

      • Thank you for the liked…we are slowly trying to grow. I just got some body oil so I will try that…much more reasonable than the prices they want for the scrubs on the market these days

      • Very welcome. I would have liked long ago but I didn’t realize you had a page. Yes! When you make stuff at home it’s a lot cheaper. I want to make laundry detergent but my in-laws are funny about what goes in the washer lol

      • I was so tired when I was reading last night but I stumbled across a blog that the gal made baking soda and water for shampoo and cider vinegar and water for conditioner. It was awesome and I so wanted to reblog it now I can’t find it ugh…

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