No more work for me…well other than being a SAHM

I’m 32 and I was told yesterday that I need to go on permanent disability and I shouldn’t work again.

Yes you read that right. I had an appt with my neurologist, one of the nicest men I know, yesterday afternoon. Adam came with me and our cousins Eric and Shelby watched the kids. I have been experiencing pain worse than before I had my back surgery. It shoots down my leg and burns. I wake up screaming in the middle of the night or if I move the wrong way I scream.
Dr. Hughes did a few tests on my leg and let me know that my right leg is significantly weaker than my left. He asked me to walk… Yes, that is now different as well. Are you kidding me!! My WALK is different. He said that it seems as though my S1 is damaged from the years of wear on my back. It has caused other issues as well that, well I shouldn’t have to worry about at my age.

Then he said it. The bombshell. “Tracy I think you are the perfect candidate for disability. Your pain is more than a year old and it has been considered chronic pain for a while now.” I’m not going to lie. I had thought about it before but I didn’t think it was an option and I honestly didn’t think I deserved it. Now the thought of not being able to work is a bit daunting. I have never been the type to not work. I love staying home with the kids and I enjoy staying in my pj’s most days but this is also the hardest job I have ever had.

So now I’m going to start looking up what paperwork I need to start filling out to start the long process. I’m not looking forward to it but at least it’s an option. It’s not where I thought I would be at this point but I still have it pretty good. Take one look at my husband, kids and family. I have amazing friends that support me and I have pain killers that I take daily šŸ˜‰ (kidding)

I have a great online support group of friends that have a few ideas for me to try. I will give them a whirl and hopefully they will ease the pain a bit. Until then I have an MRI next week to see if things have gotten worse and then we will go from there.

Do you have any suggestions for me or questions about my surgery feel free to shoot me a comment.


7 responses to “No more work for me…well other than being a SAHM

  1. I faced that issue many years ago with two of my C discs and my L5 I had two surgeries. Due to the Pain Management that I had to go to prior to surgery permanent damage was done to my sciatic nerve and it now causes my left leg to give out on me. I am an insurance risk for any company to hire me. I had disc replacement not fusion. love it.

  2. Thats a bummer . Honey think I asked you before has your dr considered a spinal implant like mine for the chronic pain?
    Paper work is a nightmare be prepared to be turned down several times. With lots of different drs appointmentss and aggravations. …. but dont give up. Took like 2 years from start to finish for me.
    On the bright side from the date you apply until you are successful will be paid to you.
    Good luck babykins. No one knows what a pain it is having back problems until it happens to them
    I luv you. Xxxx

  3. Ohh nooo!!! Im going through with an issue like this with my hubby…. Let me know if u need any help … Feel Better šŸ™‚

  4. Hey Tracy! So my mom has been on disability before. If you need help with paperwork or anything I can ask her whatever questions you may have! I can inbox you my cell number on facebook if you need!

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