Bazinga Necklace

If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory you will know that they, or should I say Sheldon mainly, says Bazinga quite often. My dad was always telling me to watch the show because it was hilarious and I finally got around to it. It. Is. Damn. Funny!

My cousin’s Lara and Dayna love the show as well and as soon as I saw this necklace I knew it was perfect for them. I wanted to get it done before Christmas but it didn’t happen. So if you guys are reading this now, Ta Da! You will be getting these the next time I see you.

First I started out with glow in the dark polymer clay.. how cool is that! It will glow!

I rolled it out to about a quarter inch thick so it would be sturdy.

I then cut it into a rectangle. Using a sharpie I drew around the outside of the rectangle and then separated it into three.
Make sure to poke holes using a toothpick in the top two corners to be able to turn it into a necklace.
Then bake it in the oven (250 for 15 minutes but check your packaging and cook accordingly.) Once it came out I then wrote Ba Zn Ga – using the elements as inspiration.

Once it cools (very important it takes about 10 minutes) you will take two jump rings and put them through the holes in your clay. Then attach your chain.

bazinga necklace

5 responses to “Bazinga Necklace

  1. I have never seen it so now am going to go on a quest to watch some television other than tlc or hgtv lol….the voice is not on yet and idol is ho hum … so the only thing I am watching is touch on fox… love that idea.

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