Stinky pits

A few weeks ago I was giving L a hug and it hit me, like a ton of bricks…. Body odor. I mean as if she played softball for 12 hours and then rubbed herself in stink.
Okay now that you have the visual and are making a face because you feel like you can also smell it, I will explain.

I would give her a bath and by the next day she already was stinky. The worst part…. She knew and would do the old school check. Lift up her arm, casually turn her head to the side and sniff. I couldn’t use deodorant so I would let her use perfume but, alas it didn’t completely work.

I called the doctor and you know what they said? Well do you? If you do skip to the end 🙂
Yup, didn’t think you knew …. My 3.5 yr old had to be checked to see if she was going through puberty. PUBERTY! I played it cool and knew deep down she wasn’t but it freaked me out.

At the doctor I asked how common this was. She said it was a lot more common than it used to be because of all the hormones that are in our food. She got checked, it was a very easy test and she was fine. My baby was fine but, still had stinky pits. The solution is to put some cornstarch baby powder under her arms everyday. Easy and doable.
It has now been about a week and she has been smelling sweet since. Best part is she no longer thinks about checking. I hated that she had to check to see if she stunk.

I talked to a few of the moms I am close with and found out that she isn’t the only kid that we know that has the problem. I did kind of know that but, it was nice to have it confirmed.

Does your kid suffer from stinky pits or possibly something else that bothers you???


4 responses to “Stinky pits

  1. Tt. younger kids than lana can go through early puberty. It is prettycommon inus saw it many times working in p I c u these kids develop faster it is pretty scarey.. dosent mean they arent little kids just that things happen faster. Glaad lana hasnt got yhat problem.
    She will learn from an early age though how important personal hygiene kis
    Be carefel thougj with the cornstarch ettc as it csn block the pores and become cakey causing a rash under her arms… cxxx

  2. Try rice starch as it will not block the pores as much and will be as effective as the cornstarch. It was a nice alternative for me with my allergies. Now you have to watch your meats and foods that are fortified…it is a shame that the hormones are there.

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