What do you want to know??

Lately I have found that writing blog posts is catching the attention of more and more people. A lot of the time I really want to write but I don’t feel that my life is exciting enough to talk about.
I have two kids and we primarily stay at home. This is mainly because I like being at home. I like my routine. This stems from me being an only child so I have this weird, slightly annoying, trait of wanted to have company for everything.
I remember being younger {much younger} and thinking that when I had kids I would never be alone again. That is completely true… I have company when I’m eating, company when I shower and company when I want to go on the potty. Lol. Sometimes is wish I had a teeny bit less company. I have started to venture out with the kids a lot more and for that i am very proud of myself but still, we stay at home a good bit.

L started school this past Sept. I cannot believe that she is old enough to be in school. I have to get up and out three mornings a week to take her and pick her up. I feel better on those mornings. I have more energy and just by leaving the house I feel as if I get more done. I have met friends now that have invited me into their group and have asked me to go to the gym with them. It’s so nice having mom friends 🙂

Okay so now that I am completely off topic I will get back to reason I am writing this
I want to know what you are curious about. If there are any pressing questions that you have about me. I mean anything. I will answer anything.
So bring it on. Ask me anything and I will put all questions into a separate post.
Now I need you all to participate, this will be a pretty sad post if I only get one question :).

Thank you for taking the time to read my little piece of the Internet and joining me in my home 🙂


5 responses to “What do you want to know??

  1. I love to hear about your children and your craft projects and what is happening in your circle in your life. It is always a fascinating read and refreshing from mine. Since I do not get to see my grand children it is nice to see your children’s lives.

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