Judge free zone

From a relatively young age people always talked to me about their problems, dreams, likes and dislikes. Some even said that they know they just met me but wanted to tell me a secret they were holding in for years. I always listened with open ears and an open heart. Talking when needed or sometimes not at all. I love being that person for someone. If you are one of those people please know that it was an honor to be let into your personal world.

Don’t get me wrong. I do people watch and I judge sometimes prematurely but overall I think I do a pretty good job of not being “that” person. I will never understand why people care who someone loves, what someone wears, where someone lives, what car they drive etc…

Are they taking clothes from you? Do you need to have the car they do? Are you watching them be intimate with their partner? Well??
We all know the answer, people just aren’t tolerant, as they say. I personally HATE that word.
So because you are gay I have to be tolerant of you? That just sounds disgusting to me. How about even though you are an uncouth,loud mouth, no good person I be tolerant of you. To me being tolerant means you still don’t agree with something but you keep your mouth shut. Lets do away with that word altogether and just be nice to everyone.

J went to a wedding at 13 days old. Does it matter what type of wedding? To most I guess it does. It was a wedding between my uncle and my uncle and I am so touched that J can say that was his first wedding. He will grow up in my world which is a world that loves people for people, animal, plants and the world we live in. He will stop to appreciate sunsets and smell flowers with his sister. My kids will change the world. I am sane I swear…. Example you ask? Gladly. A young boy is feeling sad, J or L befriends him because they generally want to get to know him. He now has his first friend and someone who understands. He doesn’t do something that is happening all too often with our kids nowadays. He enjoys time with his family, he grows up to have kids and tells them about the one friend that changed his life. Therefore changing the world. C’mon it can happen 🙂

So I ask you. Teach your kids that life is wonderful, that people are amazing, and that everyone should be treated with respect. My entire family feels this way and it is a wonderful feeling being part of it. I couldn’t be the person I am today without the lessons from all of them. Thank you.

L and I at the wedding mentioned above

J, 13 days old, also at the wedding with hid godmother Lara and my godmother Jan

9 responses to “Judge free zone

  1. If we each can convince two people this is the way to be and they convince two people, who convince two people, etc…Life will be an exciting place. Thank you for sharing. Glad you enjoyed the wedding and thank you for sharing the photos.

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