Hershey Chocolate Kissed Pie’s

I came across a post a while ago and it stuck in my head. I can’t recall the link right now so forgive me!
It basically was Hershey kisses, pastry and an egg wash. Can’t get much simpler. So one night after I made dinner for everyone I decided to make a quick dessert and they were a hit!


1. Start off by unwrapping your Hershey Kisses, and pop a few in… I won’t tell!Unroll our your room temp pie crust onto a floured surface. I thought it was a bit thick so I rolled mine out to be a bit thinner but, its all about preference.

2. Start cutting out your circles. I realized that the top of my Similac bottle was the perfect size. You need to make sure that its enough to cover your entire kiss.

3. Once your circles are all cut add a little kiss to the center and fold.

4-5. Start by folding up two ends followed by the other sides and then crimp them together ever so slightly

6-7. Take an egg and a little sugar and mix it all together. Brush that over the top of your choc pockets. Then drop a bit more sugar so it sticks to the top

8. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until golden brown.


Make sure you let them cool a bit when you take them out of the oven but don’t wait too long or the chocolate won’t be melted anymore

finishedchocolateThese babies were gone in a matter of minutes! I would have made more if I had more dough 🙂

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