I’m pretty cool why not get to know me a bit better

Little Miss Momma recently did a blog post on the things you need to know if you want to be her BFF. I thought it was interesting. I did a similar post when I was receiving some awards and they required some personal information.

I wanted to take it one step further and just tell you a few more things about me:

Ever since I had J {Jan 2012} I cannot stand the smell of scrambled eggs. I make them for the kids a few times a week and when they are cooking and done cooking I want to be sick!

One of my biggest pet peeves is people that chew with their mouths open

During my second C-section I felt pretty much the entire thing because the spinal didn’t kick in. I had to be knocked out so I missed the chance to see J for the first time.

I hate pickles

I have always wanted a pair of converse

I want to live on a farm with horses, chicken, pigs etc…

Two of my obsessions are jails and sharks

I am horrible at doing braids in my own hair

I have two best friends. One from when I was 7, the other from when I worked at Michaels. Oh and she has a pretty awesome blog too!

I consider myself to be very crafty. I used to have my own craft room but it got taken over by the cutest little boy

I HATE Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of OZ

I have a kindle but prefer to use the iPad kindle app

I consider some of my twitter friends some of my best

I have PTSD

I live for Spring and am super lazy in winter

I love to plant my own herbs and fruits

I met my husband on eHarmony

I have been married twice {divorced at 26}

I don’t judge

I do the sign of the cross when I see a dead animal on the side of the road

I used to rock climb and was a certified scuba diver

I had back surgery at 29

I dislike ALL veggies

I would love to move somewhere warm but, would miss my family and friends too much

L knew over 50 words in sign language by 18 months

I dislike PB&J

I hardly ever wear socks but when I do they are knee highs

My kids live in their Jammie’s bc they never want to change (unless we leave the house obviously)

There ya go! A little about me. Why not make your own post and link to me? Or just tell me something that is interesting about you?


6 responses to “I’m pretty cool why not get to know me a bit better

  1. So, my random thing about me. . . when I was a teenager, I was a parts model. I modeled my hands in jewelry ads, holding things, that kind of stuff, Made really good money doing it too! I also was in a commercial for a pool company and I was on a billboard, although you didn’t know it was me because it was a picture of me laying down and it was my backside LOL, yes I was super skinny at one time

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