Gym time

Yesterday Mr. A and I signed up with a family package at the gym. I am super excited about working out. I actually want to go and my goal is three times a week for roughly two hours at a time. I NEVER thought I would be one of those people that wanted to go to the gym but I’m pumped! Plus Mr. A can come and do his own thing and I have a bunch of mom friends that do classes there.

Well we signed up last night and I got up this morning, dropped L off at school and headed over. Grabbed a protein bar and shoved it down then anxiously walked into the day are. There were a LOT of kids in there and the first thing that catches my eye is one kid (about 3) that is covered in blood. He had a bloody nose and it was all over!! They handled it great, gloves,hugs,disinfectant and they got his mom. It was definitely not their fault but it was jarring. I kiss my little man who is looking smaller with all these big kids. I put him in the smaller kid section kiss him a million times and walk out. Before I go on the treadmill I look in the window and he has his binky.

I start my workout. I feel a bit off because I don’t know how to do the machine (this is what normally keeps me from the gym in the first place) but, I power through and figured it out. I start slow and get my intensity up so I work a sweat and then I see her….the daycare lady.
J was hysterical she said that he did good for his first time but I had to come get him. I walked in, his face was red and blotchy and he couldn’t even breath because he was crying so hard. They tried really hard to calm him down. I felt AWFUL!! I picked him up and hugged him as hard as I could and signed him out. So on Friday we will try again. Mr. A will be coming with us so if all else fails he can take him home and pick me up later.
Friday I am trying boot camp with all my mommy friends. I am so excited.

I’m sitting here now wishing that I was back at the gym lol

Here is me after my first quick workout.


3 responses to “Gym time

  1. That is a wonderful feature for a gym to have a daycare. They have come a long way since my gym days. It is just like any daycare…after a few visits he will be a natural and want to go. Just hang in there…

  2. Go you! I’ve never really been a gym bunny so my pokey front room is my workout area. Sometimes it doubles as a crèche when Edith decides to sit and watch me! Good luck with future visits 😉 x

    • Haha. Good for you. If I had stuff at home I feel like I would use it but we just don’t have the room. I am tired after yesterday’s bear death experience also known as boot camp so taking it easy today

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