Our love story – Part 1

I was inspired yet again by little miss momma to write my love story for the world to read, as well as my kiddos. Our story is a whirlwind I think it is romantic…. You may think crazy 😉

I had been married before and pretty much discovered what I wanted/needed in a man from the “lessons” learned.
I had dated but I was sick of doing the same old thing to meet people so I decided to join the online dating world. I thought that I would at least meet a few new people and possible a few nights out.
I joined eHarmony because it felt like the one that would actually match people up the best. I put my profile up in June and started talking to a few different people but had never made plans to actually go out.
Then I saw him a week into having my profile up. A picture of a guy on the side of a cruise ship with spiky hair, a grey tank top on and he caught my eye. Immediately I couldn’t stop looking at his picture.

With eHarmony you were able to contact the person, ask them 5 questions or skip all that and just ask to have their direct information so you could start talking. Well, I skipped everything and asked him to just talk…We started talking on aim (aim lol I know, no one talks on Aim anymore!) and seemed to hit it off right away. I knew exactly where he lived and even though it was 40 minutes away I didn’t care. We talked every night for a few weeks and asked all the questions that you want to ask. It was much easier because we were online so I didn’t have to ask him anything face to face 🙂 He then told me that he was going on a boys trip for a couple nights and he wouldn’t have access to cell or internet. I was a bit bummed but how could I be this attached already!? I was sneaky and when he was away I called his cell phone, as we had exchanged numbers before. I knew he had no service and wanted to make sure that he sounded as good as he looked. He did.

When he got back from his weekend we decided to setup our first date. I was SO nervous. He offered to ride down and meet me and I then told him I would drive.

It was July 13th 2008. I spent an hour picking out my outfit and ended up going with a tank top, jeans and sneakers. I know, it took me an hour to pick that out!? My stomach was in knots all day I was so excited to meet him in person. I pulled into the parking lot and waited for a few minutes until he pulled in. He had a BRIGHT yellow car that made me giggle, he still has the same car, He got out of his car and got into mine and when I first saw him my heart jumped. I mean this guy was super good looking. He had a smile that could kill and seemed quite shy which I enjoyed. Thank goodness I was driving so I had somewhere to focus…we made our way to dinner. We sat at a little table and I ordered a burger and fries, im not one of those girls that orders what she thinks will impress him. I looked at the table nearly the whole dinner because I couldn’t even look him in the eyes without blushing and smiling uncontrollable. Towards the end of the night I finally got it under control long enough to actually admire how cute he was eye to eye.

We had originally just said dinner but neither one of us wanted it to end so the decision was to see a movie. Wanted was the movie of choice. I am an Angelina Jolie lover. Conversation was flowing easier on the drive to the movie, so well in fact that I totally forgot where I was going and drove in the wrong direction for quite a while we missed the showing of the movie we wanted to see so we had to drive around and kill time for the next showing. Adam thought this was quite hilarious and likes to say that since he was so attractive I couldn’t think straight, he was right. He also claims that I tried to kill him that day, while driving a car decided to pull out directly in front of me, there was a car in the lane next to me so I have no choice but to go around the said car on the right side putting us into the shoulder. His face was priceless haha! Now that I have kids I drive a bit more responsibly.

Once we finally got to the movies we got our tickets and got settled. The first quarter of the movie went by with the awkward feelings in my stomach. I wanted him to hold my hand but I didn’t just want to grab his. I eventually put my hand on my knee and moved it a bit so he would see it was free {yes very subtle} well it worked. We held hand for the rest of the movie and my heart was beating out of my chest the entire time. The movie ended but the date didn’t 🙂 It lasted in total 9 hours! There was just a bit of kissing at the end in the parking lot.

We left that night with no other date planned but with a promise to speak the next day. The date ended at 1:30am…..

This is the picture that got my attention. Now you see why I had to speak with him!


5 responses to “Our love story – Part 1

  1. Love it,…can’t wait for part two. Hubby and I met online through mutual friends who insisted that we had to meet. lol…that is awesome. So happy for you.

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