Our Love Story Part 2

Catch up on Our Love Story Part 1

After our first date we said that we would talk again the next day but we didn’t have a definite date of when we were going to see each other again.
I went home from the date and could not stop thinking about Adam all night, I was happy that I didn’t start work until 11am the next day poor guy had to be up at 7!

From the second I got to work my mind was on Adam, then I hear my name over the loud speaker.  I called the number and was asked to come downstairs to the main desk, as I’m walking to the front desk I see them. The most gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I think to myself no, they can’t be for me? Who would send me flowers!
I get closer and see that my name is on them…my face immediately turned red (I get embarrassed easily.) I pick up the flowers and head upstairs. All the guys are busting my butt especially one person called Justin who was pretty much by best friend. The card read something like “Thank you for a wonderful first date, I hope to see you again soon.” I called Adam on my lunch and thanked him and let him know they were beautiful. I told him that I couldn’t stop thinking about him all day and he admitted the same. He then asked me if I wanted to get together again that night and since it was going to be a late night if I wanted to stay over. I couldn’t say yes fast enough but I had to make sure that my mom and dad, whom I lived with at the time, wouldn’t mind watching my dog for the night. My mom was very happy for me and said that she of course didn’t mind.
{Side bar – I know you guys are thinking – spending the night! but listen we were both older adults and not kids so it wasn’t like I HAD to ask permission. I did it out of respect}

I went home after work, I got out at 8, and got a bag packed up. I headed up to his house and once I found it I sat in the driveway for a minute. I was super nervous but I couldn’t wait to see him. I don’t even remember going inside. Not just for the fact that I have an awful memory but I think I was so nervous that it all became a blur.

From that night on Adam and I saw each other every day. I couldn’t wait for him to meet my parents. He showed up one night on his motorcycle, with his leather jacket on and his hair spiked. His white teeth shining when he smiled. As I drove down the street from work I could see him sitting on his bike, with one leg up and the other leaning on the ground..oh so sexy like. My dog Duke was VERY protective of me so I had mom and dad lock him up in the kitchen. Adam came in and introduced himself and after a few minutes I went into the kitchen to calm Duke down. Ad said “just let him into the room I will lie on the floor and he can come over and sniff and play with me”. I refused to do that as I was scared but, I let Duke in and he walked back and forth past Ad. Within a few minutes he let Ad pet him and that was good enough with me. We headed to my room downstairs {I had a little living room down there as well as my room}. We were sitting on the couch and Duke bounded down the stairs on top of Adam and started licking him like crazy…he was in with the parents and the dog :). My mom txt me and told me that he was a very nice guy and seemed very respectful. She was completely right. My dad said that he liked him right away. I’m a daddy’s girl so this was the most important approval for me.

Every week I got a new bouquet of flowers sent to work. Each one different but as beautiful as the last. Within a month Adam and I had discussed nearly everything including marriage. He wanted to know if he asked if I would say yes, I said yes. We decided that obviously we should live together first and started looking for apartments without telling anyone. We found an apartment that was 40 minutes away from each others houses as we felt this was the most fair. Sept 1st was available for us to move in, there was one hitch…we didn’t tell our parents yet and since we were only together a little over a month and a half we were a little nervous.
Ad had never actually lived outside of his parents house except for a few months and they are all very close so I figured he would be the rough one. I remember sitting alone on my couch in my room one night. Mom and I always talked through our Nintento DS’s. We were talking and I said I had to tell her something. She immediately said you love him, I said yes and we want to move in together in Sept. I waited for the “Are you crazy!?” but it never came, she was very excited and could tell that this one was very different. This wasn’t for anything more that love, for me wanting to spend as much time as I could with this man and that this could possibly be the person that I truly would spend the rest of my life with. I was still nervous about telling daddy but I’m sure my mom talked to him first because he was on board too. I personally don’t know how the conversation went with Adam’s parents BUT, come Sept 1st both parents were meeting for the first time as we were moving everything in.

Everyone tells you that the test is living with someone well, things were smooth.  I loved coming home to him. I worked from 11am-8pm and when I got home Adam had dinner made almost every night. We just fit well together and I loved everything about everything.

We spent out nights talking and laughing and one of the things that Adam promised me was that I would be a mom before I turned 30. I was 28 😀

Some pics from our first few dates

meadfirstparty meadlayinginbed

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