My 1st Blogaversary


I can’t believe that just a few short weeks ago was the 1 year anniversary of MomofTwosalums! I had a one month old newborn and a 2.5 yr old daughter at the time. I was getting NO sleep as my husband worked nights and slept during the day {Or didn’t so mama could sleep}, I was trying to keep a clean house but was surrounded by chaos and I certainly didn’t think I would be blogging almost every day a year later and made such wonderful friends through comments on here, following other blogs and twitter.

I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read my posts, to be part of my life and that have commented with such kind words. To the blogs that I now follow religiously, that give me inspiration and that I can call friends…thank you.

I didn’t realize how good this would be for me when I first started. It actually gave me more inspiration to get up and craft, to cook more new recipes and to write what I needed advice about or wanted to give advice about.

I thought that I would take you through some of most popular/favorite posts of the last year. Some of you that have joined me recently may have never read them so, sit back relax and enjoy!

Top Posts :

Family Birthday Boards

Etching your pyrex dishes

Placemat clutches

Spiced Apple Ice Cream

Ireland Scenery

I think your daddy had a stroke

Mama there is a little boy playing in baby J’s room


Crock Pot Orange Chicken

Home-made buttermilk bread

T-shirt to dress in under 5 minutes!

I hope you take a minute to check out some of the above posts. They seem to be the most popular on Pinterest and searched on the blog.

I have loved every minute of blogging and am looking forward to continuing my posts in the future. Some exciting stuff is happening for MomofTwoSalums next month! I can’t wait to share it with you but look out for me, I have joined a new team! I will of course be keeping up my blog here full time but have become part of another successful group of amazing ladies. All will be revealed next month!




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