Our Love Story Part 3

Check out part 2 here

One night that November Adam and I had a conversation. He said that he wanted to be a daddy and he wanted to start to try and have a baby. Honestly I didn’t even have to think twice, I had always wanted to be a mom and I knew that he was the man I was going to be with forever. We had a connection that went deeper than anything I could even explain. We said that we would start trying thinking it would take a long time

Christmas Day… I am SICK as a dog. Throwing up, not wanting to take my pain killers that I actually need to survive. It was as if something else was at work but silly me didn’t think about it. The entire family was over and I spent most of the night throwing up in the bathroom. The next few weeks I spent sick but started feeling better. I didn’t think anything of it until Feb… it popped into my head that I hadn’t gotten my period (sorry guys its the only word that I could use.) I had a test so I slipped into the bathroom and took it. Adam was making taco’s on the stove. I waited the three minutes and  came running out of the bathroom asking him if he thought it was positive. His face was priceless, he was so excited but we weren’t sure. I then asked him to go to the store and used his favorite line which he repeats all the time. I told him I was “With child” so I couldn’t go myself haha. I have no idea why that came out of my mouth. I continued to cook the taco’s while he went out. We took a few test and it was positive…We were pregnant!!

Most of the time you try to wait 3 months before you tell your parents but I couldn’t wait. I was so excited to tell them because I share everything with them. On the way to work the next morning I called my mom. I asked her if she was sitting down, my aunt was here from Ireland at the time too, I told her that she was going to be a grandmother and she couldn’t contain her excitement. The next person to tell was my dad.

I called him, asked him if he was sitting down as well – he said that he was standing on top of a ladder. I immediately broke out laughing and said okay well hold on. When I told him he did nothing short of scream out in happiness that he was going to be a grandfather. He told everyone in the bar. (Before his stroke my dad built amazing restaurants in NYC  for a living.)

The first few months of pregnancy was rough, I lost over 17lbs total as I was sick the entire time. We were slated to take a trip to Ireland in May. I was around 4 months pregnant. The day we were leaving Adam was tracking my birthday present online and was figgity but I didn’t give it much thought. I was expecting to get a camera for my birthday so part of me really hoped it was going to come before we left. He got the package about an hour before we were leaving and came into the bedroom. He got down on one knee with a little box and to quote him perfectly “Take this and shut the F up.” I know it doesn’t sound very nice but it was quite hilarious. I had been bugging him for my birthday present for weeks and he had been planning on taking the ring to Ireland to propose at a castle or something and of course I had to be an annoying girl that kept asking. We still laugh about it to this day. The ring was beautiful and was just what I wanted. When our friends arrived an hour later to take us to the airport I couldn’t wait to run out and show them. Pretty good start to a vacation I think 🙂

And so the wedding planning/baby planning began…

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