My baby boy had his first haircut!

Jack got his first haircut today. It’s amazing how just a simple haircut can make babies look like toddlers. His Godfather is a cop but is also great at cutting hair :). He has a little “shop” setup in his basement and has been doing haircuts since he was in high school. There was no one else I would have trusted with my little man’s first haircut.

We dropped Lana off at school and off we went to give him the big boy cut and get rid of all the hair that he has had since he was in the womb, born, and has grown with him for over a year. I didn’t cry and I was actually fine with it until like right this second when I realized that the hair he had was inside me… was part of him before I even had the chance to meet him and I am regretting not picking up any of it off the floor! I did cut the hair from around his ears a while ago and I saved that in his jar which I think was good but oh man am I regretting it a bit now. (i just txt his godfather to find out if he could retrieve any of it!)

So without further ado here are the pictures from today 🙂

The Before picture


Getting the cape put on!



Daddy doesn’t want to get wet so he is hiding under the cape


Watching TvWatchingTV

Doing the mandatory combover before the cut


The first actual cut



Mom this is already getting annoying



Mama am I almost done?


Um Uncle C you missed a spot right….there


Its time for the buzzer but i’m not sure I like it


I’m warming up


Okay its not so bad when it’s not on my head



The back is looking pretty good


It’s time to get brushed off


Thank you Uncle C, you will be doing my haircuts for the next 30+ years 🙂


I can’t stop staring at his hair and rubbing his little head 🙂 he actually keeps rubbing it himself as well so I think he likes it.

Thanks again C… you are a handy Godfather to have around!

13 responses to “My baby boy had his first haircut!

  1. Adorable! Haircuts really do transform a baby into a toddler. My son is almost two and each time he get’s a haircut, I feel like he looks less like a toddler and more like a little boy! Great job on the pictures!
    xoxo Kari

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