Kids 4th of July Fireworks T-Shirt

I saw this on Pinterest… shocker! I thought it was adorable and pretty simple. Lana LOVES fireworks, she has loved them since she was teeny tiny. We had to park very far away so that she couldn’t hear them as much but could still see them. This year will be a lot of fun because she knows exactly what they are and she is looking forward to it.

Since the weather is starting to get nicer outside I figured I would do something summer inspired.

You don’t need a lot of things to do this project which is nice. You probably have everything in the house already.
Supplies :
Bleach (I had a bleach pen so I used that)
Brushes – two different sizes


Take your bleach and put it into a little dish so its easier to work with. Use the end of the biggest paintbrush into the bleach and place dots where you want the fireworks to go. These will be the center dot.


Then use your toothpicks to create lines around the dots

bleach lines


Use the smallest paintbrush to  create 3-5 dots around the end of the line. Then take a toothpick and place little dots around all of the smaller dots.


Let the bleach dry and then rinse the shirt so all of the “crude” wipes clean. This way when you wash it the bleach wont come off onto your other clothes. Then you are all set to put it on your little diva and enjoy your holiday! My daughter has already worn her’s a few times because I think its just cute enough to wear all year round.


One response to “Kids 4th of July Fireworks T-Shirt

  1. When I did the shirts with grand sons we used parchment paper between the layers of front and back of tee to keep from bleeding through fyi as they must have heavy fingers on the trigger of the bleach gun…lol…great post thank you ..

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