L’s epic playdate!

L had a playdate yesterday with her best friend C. I was excited as well because they have a little boy that’s 9 months old and with J being 16 months old I thought they might get along. Plus C’s mom is one of my new friends and I am realizing quickly that this could be a long wonderful friendship between our families. This might be the one friend that in 10, 15, 20 years L says that she has known since she was 3. That’s crazy to me!

The day started off with L jumping out of the car and screaming with excitement when she saw C. They each spent a few minutes screaming in normal girl talk and telling each other what they wanted to do. We immediately went to the see-saw. L is a little light so it didn’t work the way it should. We added J onto the end and we were then able to get the see-saw going. L is such a little peanut and weighs nothing so it was really funny to watch. She was up in the air the whole time until J joined in the fun!

seesaw{Look how happy C is. She is such a delightful little girl 🙂 I look forward to many sleepovers at my house where I can spoil them with popcorn, candy, pillow fights and movies!}

Amy (c’s mom) has a beautiful house. Its an old house that has all the charm you would come to expect. The backyard is great. They have a good amount of room, an amazing deck and a ton of toys to play with. The kids moved over to the sandbox next. They didn’t exactly have the same idea of what they wanted to do but, we worked it all out.

discussing sandbox{C wanted to build castles and L wanted to just put the sand in a pile}

dirtsand{working out their issues in the dirt}

While the girls were playing outside J decided that he was going to mow the lawn. I think this will be his job when he gets bigger as he was brilliant at it!


Once all the sand play was done the girls setup an obstacle course. Things didn’t go completely as planned as there was a bit of a meltdown. One wanted go one way and the other one the other way. Amy tried to get the girls back into it by starting the course herself

Jumpingseesaw{Nice jump Ame’s}

G finally woke up from his nap so we took him out to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine. He still has a little trouble with walking so we put him into the playpen. J seemed as if he wanted in to play so I stuck him in there as well. Let me tell you… these two are going to be buddies! They played so well together. No tantrums, no hitting, not crying!

Gabriel{Gorgeous G hanging out in the playpen}

bestfriends{How cute are these two??}

Amy has a gorgeous tree in her yard. It looks like a cherry blossom tree so that’s what I’m going to go with. I took a few macro pics of it… okay more like 20 but I knew you would be bored. So here are my two favorites.

Cherry Blossomscherryblossom

We then moved inside and played with blocks for a while before we headed to the park.

playingblocks{Little man sitting playing with the blocks that the girls let him have haha}

After playing blocks we headed over to the park for an hour of fun. The girls tackled their fear of the big slides and went down two new ones. Amy and I screamed with joy, and probably scared the life out of the people around us, when they made their way down the big slides. It’s an amazing feeling when your child concurs a fear…no matter how big or small.

All in all it was a wonderful day…we have another playdate setup for next week and I can’t wait!! I am loving these new friends.

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