A different kind of birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. My 33rd, crazy that when I think of myself as a little girl I remember always looking in the mirror. I wanted to know what I would look like when I got older.

What would I look like at 20, at 30? Well here I am. 33, a wife, a mother, a daughter. I look pretty much the same as I did when I was younger. I have been blessed with good gene’s so I don’t look 33, but nowadays what does 33 look like anyway

I was a little bummed because my husband had to work all day. I wanted one day to do something fun as a family, {we were going to go to the zoo} but instead I had the kids by myself all day.
I wasn’t bothered that I had the kids, I mean I have them everyday, but I wanted to have a day that was just ours. A day that me and A could take the kids and forget about everything except for having fun.

I sat back and realized how silly I was being, he didn’t want to work, I didn’t want him to work so why get upset over it. Instead I said that me and the kids would have a good day at home until daddy got here.

I was woken up that morning by L coming into my room. This is a normal occurrence. J was in my bed sleeping so he was also woken up by his sister.
We came out to the kitchen where my presents sat. (I had already gotten a new wedding ring from A a few weeks earlier)

L had gone to the store with A the night before and picked out presents for me. She picked a few candles, a new red lipstick, a few cards and a new orange cup for my tea.
I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of my baby girl going to the store and picking out such thoughtful gifts for her mom. She knows what I love and she put every ounce of her into picking out the perfect presents.

I realized, in that moment, that this little girl knows me almost better than I know myself. She knows the perfect spot to cuddle so she can get comfortable.
She knows how to melt my heart at night by saying “I love you mama, goodnight.”
She knows what food I like, what songs I sing and above all how much I love her.

We had a great day together and at 5:00 A told me he was leaving work early.
We had originally decided to go to dinner and a movie but the weather was yucky so, we decided to go to dinner and get cozy at home and watch a movie here. My in-laws were nice enough to offer to keep the kids so we could enjoy our night.

We both got ready, I put on my new lipstick, and we headed out to my favorite place – Fusion.
It is in the middle of our town and we are lucky enough to have a chef from the Food Network to cook for us. The food is beyond amazing.
We had a great conversation, we laughed, I got sentimental and remembered what it was like before kids. Before diapers, bottles, late nights, early mornings, tantrums, and crying.
I remembered that we used to pick an entire show to watch on dvd and would spend hours sitting next to each other watching the show. We would pick a dinner and get to cook and eat it while it was hot.
We would go to bed every night and cuddle without having a little one in between us.

That was our journey and it was a brilliant one, one that I shared with the perfect person for me….my soul mate.

And while I wouldn’t change my life as a mom or wife I do appreciate the moments when I get to remember exactly why I married A to begin with!


A and I on our way to dinner last night 🙂

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