Mom why are they kissing?

L has been asking a bunch of questions lately…she is extra curious about how things work, what animals eat, and questions everything she sees on tv.

Today a commercial came on for a tv show and she saw two boys kissing.

Honestly, I didn’t even give it a second thought, but L did.

L: Mom why are those two boys kissing?
Me: Why not?
L: Well, because only a girl and a boy can kiss
Me: No, not at all. People that love each other kiss. Sometimes a boy loves a boy or a girl loves a girl and thats okay.

She looked at me and said Ohhh like my Uncles…. they love each other right?
I took a deep breath, got a bit teary eyed and said yes, they love each other very much.

It was an interesting conversation to have. I didn’t want to tell her it was wrong… because I don’t believe it is. I didn’t want to go into full detail because that is just WAY to much information for her to handle. I wanted to make sure that she started to see the world how it is, made up of unique and amazing individuals that deserve to love whoever they want.

When she gets older we will have a more in depth conversation but I am hoping by then that we don’t even need to put a “title” on anything. She will just see love and people. Not black, white, gay, straight…just people.

I will love my children no matter who they love or what they become. I grew them, I supplied them with all the love that they needed to grow, I nurtured their insecurities and hopes so that they became amazing people. So if L brings home her girlfriend one day I just hope that she isn’t prettier than me 😉

I wasn’t planning on going into a deep post today but the conversation was so on point that I had to put it out there. I am proud that people have the courage to be who they really are and I am sad that there are people out there who feel they can’t be themselves. This world sucks enough, why do we have to make it more difficult.

If you have a son/daughter that seems like they need to talk please take that chance. They worry about what we think more than anyone else, so if they can be supported by their parents they will have the support system they need to be OK.
And who knows maybe my generation could change this world just a bit more.

What are your thoughts?

3 responses to “Mom why are they kissing?

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  2. My sister finally came out when she was about 21 years old she is now 25, but before that she seemed like she was a completely miserable child. Our family has opened their arms to all walks of life. In fact, I have cousins that were brought into the family because the family they came from wasn’t accepting of them in one way or the other. My parents have always said to us kids that no matter blue, black, white, or purple who ever we love make sure they’re treating you right. So when it took my sister so long to say who she really was (even though we had a pretty good idea) we couldn’t understand why it took her so long. I love that right away you opened up the gateway for an open relationship between you and L. I think my parents only misstep was not sitting my sister down and asking her a little more about herself because they were too afraid to upset her.

    • It must be so had to come out, in fear of people not accepting. Good for you and your parents for always being accepting. Unfortunately you don’t hear it enough. Xx. Glad to know he is happy now.

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