Vacations galore

Between me being a SAHM and my husband being the only work to work money is tight in our house. I could go to work but then the astronomical day care bill would take every cent that I have. Plus do I want to miss every moment? The first steps, first tooth, first tantrum, the “I hate you mom’s”… okay I could do without the last one, but most of the time I am thrilled to have the opportunity to watch my babies grow up.

So every year when other families are going on vacation we don’t do anything crazy. Normally we go to Lake George which is amazing, but this year we decided to do something different. We are spending 4 days at Sesame Place. I was looking online and came across a deal. Buy two nights get the third free, a free picture with Elmo in the park, Free character breakfast every morning AND season passes to the park for everyone for the year! It was a no brainer.
In case you don’t know what Sesame Place is, well imagine the show. You literally walk on the street with Oscar the Grouch. There are water rides, kids rides, a lazy river for the parents, and every character you can imagine. I am thrilled. I can’t wait to see the look on the kids faces when they see Elmo. The best part about the trip is that since we saved so much money we can actually buy the kids anything they want {well in moderation.}

Now onto the next trip… next trip?? YES! I have an angel a friend called L.A. I met her while I worked at Michael’s. Well not exactly, quick back story… I used to shop at Michaels a LOT. I was there so often that I knew name. She used to joke and say that I spend so much money that I should work there…. and so I applied 🙂
Fast forward a year and a half. L.A. decides to move so she can be closer to her children. She has two amazing kids one of which I got to know very well, her daughter J. After a lot of conversations we were invited down to spend a week with J and her family. Her husband serves this country. I am proud to say that I know him and even prouder to say that they are an outstanding family.
So in August we are going to Savannah for a week. It seems like a dream come true, driving with the family for over 14 hours. No, I swear i’m serious. I LOVE long car rides, I love seeing parts of the country that I never saw before, but I am worried about the kids.

The point of this post is to get tips for driving with kids for a long time. L is almost 4 and J is 17 months. My thought is to start early in the morning, stop every few hours so we can eat and stretch and if we do get tired and stop then the kids should sleep all night.
The other option is that we start driving at night so the kids will sleep, but i’m worried that if we have to stop because we are tired that the kids will be up because they slept so long.
We have a DVD player and I plan on bringing all our movies with us. I am also planning on getting M&M’s as a reward system for being good.

What other tips or tricks do you have for me? Where are you planning on going this summer?

3 responses to “Vacations galore

  1. Sesame Place is a blast! I went when I was a teenager with my little cousins 🙂 We were debating between there, Hershey and Great Wolf Lodge and ultimately went with GWL because it’s all indoor and I was worried about the weather in early May… We’re also doing a few day trips before the baby comes; Costa’s Family Fun Park and Dingman’s Falls. I wish I had some advice on long car rides for you, but between my anxiety and Nicholas getting car sick, we stick with under an hour! lol

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