Our longest vacation ever…

Most of my friends know where I was born, but the occasional person asks where I was born and they always give me a look when I say Ireland.

I was born in 1980 in Northern Ireland. In the height of all the trouble, I remember men walking around the town in fatigues and machine guns. I remember being stopped and the english men asking us all sorts of questions that sometimes seemed to take forever all the while surrounding the car in case we what? Made a run for it??!
Honestly it never phased me really, it was a normally part of life for me. When I was 6 my mom and dad decided that it would be best if we moved to the United States of America. They decided that my dad should move here first in order to get things setup for me and mom. He moved to the Bronx, NY and spent a year alone, establishing himself in the construction business, making a home for my mom and I. I don’t remember a lot of the year. I honestly believe that its because I didn’t fell like I was missing anything. My family and I are very close, we were always with my aunts, uncles or grandparents.

I, unfortunately, don’t have a lot of memories. The doctors seem to think its because of my Thyroid condition but it annoys me. I don’t know if a lot of people really know about it. I can’t remember a lot from when I was younger, hell I can’t remember a lot from 5+ years ago. Honestly, hardly any memory of things I didn’t think I would every forget but I do remember a special day.

This is how I believe it happened but my mom can fill in the spaces. I remember coming home from school with my uniform on. I remember walking up the really, really big hill at the back of my house. I walked into the house and up to my room. My daddy jumped out from behind the door and my life felt completely. In that moment a daddy’s girl was the happiest girl in the world. My dad brought me a “Baby Talk” from NY as a present for me. I still have it to this day.

My first communion was a few days later. My parents told me that we would be going on vacation to NY. The day after my communion we said goodbye to everyone and got on that giant plane to NY. We weren’t going on vacation…we were moving {I’m assuming you already got that part haha.}

Honestly if they told me we were moving I don’t think I would have understood too much anyway. We moved to the Bronx into a very cool apartment. I had tons of teddy bears on my bed and used to cuddle in all of them so my parents could take pictures of me. We would walk to the park where there was a little pool type thing (if you have been to the city you will know what i’m talking about.) We used to go to church, get slush puppies and eat at this great diner. We took the subway, which I loved, and visited Macy’s all the time. My parents bought me a purple bike with a banana seat. It had streamers and a unicorn on it and I would ride it everywhere. I love the new adventure.

Almost a year after we moved here we left the Bronx and went to Hackensack. I started school and incessantly got made fun of because of my accent. I called things the wrong name and didn’t understand what the kids were saying. I learned an american accent in two weeks. It turns out that they weren’t really making fun of me… they wanted to sound like me because they liked the accent.

I could go into the rest of the story of where we lived and what we did but I don’t know if anyone is interested.

That is how we came to live in America. One of the biggest things that people are amazed at is my accent. When I speak with anyone American I speak with an American accent but if anyone Irish is around I speak to them in an Irish accent. I can switch mid sentence and sometimes get confused and speak to the wrong person in the wrong accent. It’s completely involuntary and I, a lot of the time, don’t realize that I’m doing it. I think it makes me completely unique and I thank those friends now for “making fun of me” or else I may not have learned my American accent so fast!

I visit Ireland as often as I can. The majority of my family lives there and my parents moved back almost three years ago. We are planning a trip back this February and I am extremely excited. I miss all of my family dearly and no matter how long I go for it’s never long enough!

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  1. Great share so glad that you did. Thank you. It is always exciting to see your posting on Facebook so that I keep up to date with the latest. Thank you

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