Chicken and Cheese Calzone

Chicken, cheese and bread… where do I sign up?!

I love taking hours to cook a good dinner, but I normally only do it if we are having company. The rest of the time I want something tasty that only takes 30 minutes or so. This is a great staple to have in your recipe book because you can switch it up each time.

Crescent rolls (2 packs)
Chopped onion
Cheddar Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Package of stir fry, seasoned and cooked. (It is already cut up into perfect sized pieces)
Cream of chicken soup
1 egg for egg wash

Start off by preheating your oven to 375. Get out a large cookie sheet and place a large sheet of parchment paper on top. The parchment paper helps keep the bottom of the calzone from getting over cooked.

Open your crescent rolls and put them together end to end on your parchment paper, it will end up looking like a big rectangle. Fix all of the holes in the dough by flattening it all out.
Start out by spreading a good amount of the soup on the base of the calzone. Leave a little space at the top and bottom and a good 3/4 inch on the sides (so it can all be wrapped up.)

Spoon your chicken over the soup, your onions,then the cheeses. Sprinkle Basil, Salt and pepper over the top. {I threw in a little hot sauce because we like our food spicy}

Next is the fun part. Cut the dough on the sides at about 3/4 inch intervals. Don’t cut all the way to the filling. Basically you are making little slits the whole way down so you can fold over your dough. Starting at the top fold one slice, then the other making sure to overlap. Continue this the whole way down, tuck the bottom a little tighter so it all stays together. Once you start doing wrapping you will see exactly what I mean.

Whisk the egg in a bowl and egg wash the entire calzone, don’t be liberal this is what will give you nice brown pastry.

Stick your calzone into the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until you get that nice brown color on top.
Once out of the oven you want to let it sit for 5 minutes. If you cut into it right away your cheese will run. Once you let it sit for a bit it gives everything a chance to firm up.

I paired mine with some peppers and onions for the top and peas.



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