Slow Roasted Pulled Pork

I  think Pulled Pork is something that nearly everyone in this world loves. I love to make food that makes people feel good and has them coming back for more. I made this for my son’s 1st birthday and had 5 people ask me for the recipe and 3 people asking me to make it and invite them over for dinner. I love food but only have a few meals that I could eat all the time, this has now been added to the list.

This meals feeds a LOT of people, the piece of meat can be a little expensive but everything else is so cheap that it more than makes up for it.


10lb Pork Shoulder
1-2 bottles of Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce {or your favorite}
2 liter bottle or Root Beer
Salt & Pepper

A lot of the time the Pork  Shoulder has a lot of fat, trim most of it off… I know people like to cook with fat but the problem is when you start to shred the pork it’s hard to get the fat out. I trim it so once its shredded I know its mostly meat.

Rub your pork with a generous amount of Salt {I like to use coarse Sea Salt} and pepper. Sprinkle a good amount of Basil and Oregano on it as well, making sure to coat all sides.

Place it into your crock pot.

Pour the Root Beer into your Crock Pot until it is covering the meat. In my pot I can only cover all but two inches until its at the top. That is completely fine. Set your timer for 8 hours on High. After 4 check the Root Beer level, if it has gone down add a bit. Don’t go too crazy because it does have to all cook down. Cover for another 4 hours.

After 8 hours it should be cooked {Every time I cooked it the meat was always done}. You may find that it falls apart as you are taking it out, most of it will probably do this. Take it all out and make sure it is shredded appropriately.

Clean your crock pot and put the meat back into it. Pour in your BBQ sauce {As much as you think it needs} and mix well. I put it back on low for 1-2 hours. You can eat it right away but cooking it for another bit makes sure the BBQ sauce has enough time to soak into the meat.

Stick it on a roll, if you’re my husband, add a few slices of cheddar cheese and enjoy!

I had at least one Pulled Pork sandwich a day for the last 4 days 🙂

A lot of people like to pair it with coleslaw but I don’t like the stuff.

Pulled Pork

** If you try one of my recipe’s please email me I would love to add it to my viewer pic’s section. Also if you change it in any way I would love to hear about it!

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