Chalkboard Pantry Wall

We had a decent sized coat closet outside our kitchen that always held our winter coats and some kids coats. It was a bit of a mess always and I just found that it was useless space. I asked my husband to turn it into a pantry a while back and it was such a brilliant idea…yesterday’s  idea was just as good!

The pantry is quite big so things tend to get lost in the back. It has 4 giant shelves so things have no choice but to get packed back to front. I try to keep all like things together so you will know what is where, but a lot of the time things just get lost. When I forget about things it means that they normally get thrown out when I finally find them because they have gone out of date. I HATE wasting food especially when we don’t have a ton of money to go shopping.

We have a little wall next to the pantry and it hit me?! Why not turn that into a chalkboard so I can keep track of all my food! I will give you a minute to tell me in your mind how wonderful my idea was…..

Why thank you!?!

Here is the wall before:

Plain wall

I did two coats of craftsmart black chalkboard paint. I let it sit to make sure it dried completely then rubbed chalk all over the wall and wiped it clean {This gives your chalk a nice surface to stick too}

Then I got to work… writing down the things in the pantry. I have to go through and write a bit more, but I was so excited and wanted to have a picture for you 🙂

Chalboard wall

I am very proud of it. I think it will help me stay much more organized and will actually hold me more accountable to keep the pantry clean as well.

Do you have a spot that you can turn into a chalkboard wall? If so go ahead and share a pic with me at I would love to add it to my Viewer’s pic pageAlso checkout my FB page and click like if you want to know what I am working on or what posts are coming up!

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