I’ll show you mine…favorite piece of jewelry

So this is my second post of I’ll show you mine…. The first was my favorite spot this one is all about my favorite piece of jewelry.

I am asking all of my readers to try and join in. This could be a lot of fun if we start to get more and more people. It will also attract to our nosey sides lol

I bet you all think my favorite piece is my wedding rings, well yes, they are beautiful and meaningful but you learn from being married more than once that you marry the man not the ring. While I love that he picked it out I will also love him more than anything he buys me, but here is a pic for you anyway.
My beautiful rings with a 2+ karat diamond because, we’ll hey it is
my second wedding.


My favorite piece is actually one that my mom gave me for my 25th birthday. It was a ring that I always admired ever since I was little. I can’t even count how many times I asked if I could have it which is quite silly since I am the only child. Well for my 25th birthday my mom took it off her finger and gave it to me. I got choked up but I don’t know if she understood the magnitude of it. This is something that I have now, when my mom is 3000 miles away that I actually had trouble wearing. I put it away… Out so I could still see it everyday but not on me so it was a reminder of them when I looked at it.
I recently put it back on because I missed having it close to me. I have been missing my parents lately and needed something that felt close.
My daughter, L, started to notice it recently which brought a tear to my eye. It’s like the whole cycle started again and very quickly I realized that this, this ring that I have loved for so long, will now be… The family heirloom. The ring that my daughter will hand down along with the stories that go with it and so on and so forth. It’s something that my mom will have left for the countless generations to follow. So on my daughters 25th birthday I will be taking a ring off my finger and putting it on hers and telling her the story about how my mother got it and truthfully I can’t wait. I love you mom.


It’s beautiful isn’t it. Very simple, but perfect for everyday wear. Not something you can only put on for a special occasion.

So my question to you is what is your favorite piece of jewelry?

The rules are as follows:

Write a post or take a Facebook/Instagram photo

Link the post back to me or tag me @momoftwosalums in your photo

Leave me a comment with the link or FB it to me on the MomofTwoSalums page

I will then make a post with all of the entries so people will be able to blog hop and check out your pics 🙂

Simple…. Lets do this!

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