Flower Power for my princess

I have been slowly trying to make my daughter L’s room a little bit more grown up little by little. It is hard as a mom to part with all the “baby” stuff that you so foundly remember putting up.

– Painting from 2pm until 2am- Hanging up the wall decorations
– Building the crib and all the furniture
– Placing all the decals on the wall


The first thing to come down was the decals, we replaced the ladybug ones with Peppa Pig and Disney Princess ones. She was so over the moon about it. I made her new curtains (to which I have to make more, because they were literally the first thing I ever sewed).

I started looking for little projects to do, so I made her tissue paper flowers for her birthday and I also put those up in her room. Then I saw a small canvas. I knew I wanted to do something simple and special for her.
I got out my Cricut and printed out a few things, picked a few flowers out and got out some paint. An hour later I had come up with thiss



We hung it up next to the light switch and she loves it. She is very proud that I made it for her and I’m equally as proud that she loves it.

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