Happy Anniversary to me, oh and my hubby :)

This day 4 years ago I married the love of my life. The love that I never thought I would have. He is amazing and has given me two wonderful kids that I thank God for everyday. It was something that we decided to do very quickly because we knew immediatly after meeting that we were meant for each other. You can catch up on your love story here (I will get around to finishing it soon)

That morning Mr. A went to work, then got a haircut from his dad (It was a bit lopsided haha) and then rushed home just in time to get dressed in his suit and take his very pregnant fiancé to city hall. I wore a floral dress from Victoria’s Secret that I was in love with. It wasn’t a maternity dress but fit very well!
We were with our parents, my best friend and our dear friends and their son. It was a small gathering, but it was a very special day. I was 8 months pregnant with L and pretty much waddled everywhere. And for those of you wondering, no we did not get married because we got pregnant, L, I am extremely proud to say, was planned. We were going to wait until after she was born, but Mr. A got laid off and needed health insurance very badly LOL. We were going to be doing it very soon anyway, but decided two weeks before that this would be the day! Yes yes, if you are judging just make it quick so I can get on with my story please!

Our Mayor was a really tiny scottish woman and was simply lovely. She loved that fact that I was born in Ireland and loved that I was pregnant. She even joked that the carpet was new so I better not break my water on it.
The ceremony didn’t last long, since it wasn’t a church ceremony it was only about 15 minutes. That was perfect for me because I had to pee anyway. Once the wedding was over we went outside to the lovely gazebo and took pictures. I love the pictures of my parents…there aren’t too many more of them looking quite so happy after this because my dad had his stroke 9 months later.
After the pictures we went out for a lovely dinner with the whole family. We relaxed and reminisced and just took in the moment that we just experienced. Once dinner was over we went home and all I can remember is that I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning so I could call him my husband. I could look at him and realize that this was my happiness now and forever. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I was married to an insanly handsome man, that loved my family, my family loved him and I was going to have a daughter that would be equally as beautiful inside and out. I felt like I was floating because I knew no matter how bumpy the road might get I would always have someone to hold my hand through it and tell me that it would be okay.

Here we are 4 years later, living with his parents (We live upstairs, they live down), with an amazing little girl that turns 4 in less than a month and a son that makes me laugh and melt all at once every day. We have two dogs that I love to death and always have food in our bellies.
Are we exactly where I thought we would be 4 years later? Not even close…but you learn how to survive anything as long as you have a strong core family. We have a roof over our heads, healthy kids, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that we are both healthy LOL bc of all my silly health issues, but I suppose I am still here and relatively healthy, and we have food on our table. Our kids laugh and play every day, and they say I love you after they get cozied into bed at night. Things get frustrating, I am not going to lie. Marriage takes work, but if you are willing to give it all you have then you will get so much more than you thought you ever could in return.
Mr. A I do love you more than I can express. I wish deep down that I was able to buy you something for our anniversary as you deserve it all, but you have my heart and will forever have it. We are meant to be together and we can get through anything. Thank you for being my best friend, my co-parent and my heart and soul. Thank you for loving my family as if they were your own, and for welcoming me into your’s with open arms. And above all thank you for loving me for exactly who I am without asking me to change in any way. For that I think I am most thankful!

Here are some pictures from our wedding day 🙂

I pulled them off FB so I apologize if the quality isn’t the best… We didn’t take a whole lot of pics but I think they are pretty.


We look nervous, but we weren’t at all!

Saying our vows

Exchanging rings

Our first EVER kiss, haha…. yeaaa right!

This is one of my favorite pictures

My mom in the peach and my MIL

My dad in the striped shirt and my FIL

The Parents

The whole family, including my BIL (in black) and my best friend (in the flowers) and our friends with their son.

My bouquet, aren’t they pretty 🙂

We are such a cute family (Notice L in my belly)



My In-Laws

My parents, like I said before this is one of my favorite pictures of them. Just genuine happiness in their eyes 🙂

And our friends Katie and Tyler. They were and are a big part of my life and I love them.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our Wedding Day 🙂
Did you have a big wedding? Or did you keep it small and do it at City Hall like us?

5 responses to “Happy Anniversary to me, oh and my hubby :)

  1. “If you’re judging, make it quick…” I loved that line. Who cares what other people think as long as you are happy? And it’s clear in the photos that you are (as well as both of your families)! Congrats, friend!

  2. Wish we could go back 4 years and lived a little more, dad looked so well , and boom shortly after he got so ill, Enjoy your life though times may be hard. You accomplish everything together, dad and I had nothing But we had everything……. YOU……our pride n joy. Xxxxxxx

  3. I love that you found the love of your life. I love you guys. I love your kids. I’m so lucky to have met you!

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