Fall is on it’s way…let the decorating begin

I love fall and I love to decorate. I normally don’t have a lot of money to do too much, but with DIY stuff money can go a long way. My possible future sister-in-law actually gave me this after I made it so it didn’t cost me anything. I have displayed it proudly already even though its still a few weeks away 🙂

Glass Vase
Glass Marbles (I used red)
Dbl sided tape

Put a layer of marbles in the bottom of your vase so you candle will sit evenly.
Fill the vase up around your candle with your marbles until about 3/4 of the way up the candle.

I then took the leaves and put a little bit of dbl sided tape on the back and stuck them around the vase in the middle.
I overlapped them on the edges so nothing would show through.
Once your leaves are stuck you can take a piece of twice and loop it around the leaves, then bring it back to the front.
This will mean you will have a dbl line of twine. Finish up with a nice bow in the front.

Its the perfect craft for fall and it wont break the bank. Best part is it only takes a few minutes to complete. I plan on going back to Michaels and getting two more vases in various sizes so I can use them as a centerpiece! I have the perfect table runner to go with them.
(I will update with a pic once they are all completed)


2 responses to “Fall is on it’s way…let the decorating begin

  1. Love our craft time came out soo cute
    Candles were $1.99
    Vase was $2.99
    Marbles- big bag $6.99
    Leaves 2 bags 1 bag yellow 1 bag red $1.99 each

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