I need more laundry detergent….

Ahhhh the joys of a 4 year old. Especially a 4 year old that just started using the potty completely about 6 months ago.

L just had her 4th birthday a few weeks ago so we are still new at this whole “Mama I’m 4” thing, but we are having trouble lately with accidents.

I’m assuming that it is a phase, but to be honest I am already over it… wayyy over it, so far over it in fact that I have run a marathon, climbed Mt. Everest and swam the Atlantic Ocean. Yes – That is far!
Sometimes we make it to the bathroom and sometimes we don’t even get that far. If I happen to be around, or if we are in a store I can see her doing the pee pee dance. The infamous dance that I think God teaches us in the womb because everyone seems to do it the exact same way! I can then “ask” her {Knowing full well that she is about to pee herself} if she has to go potty. She mostly says yes but sometimes tries to say no. We have made it to the bathroom every time, running through aisles or the house with me reminding the whole way to hold it and be a big girl. Telling her that she can do it and I’m very proud of her.

THEN there are the times when I am not around. The times when L runs out of her room and into the bathroom to then immediately say uh oh. Followed by “mom I peed on the run again.” Or her door opening from her room to say that she peed on her rug… or when I get to school and she has different pants on because she had an accident on the playground. Now in all fairness she has only had an accident twice at school, but we are only a few weeks in. I really don’t want my baby to be embarrassed at school. She has an amazing group of kids that she goes to school with, but it only takes one person to make fun of her to shake her confidence.

I have yelled, I have ignored, I have befriended and I have punished. I have tried to explain to her that as soon as she feels the urge to pee to just go to the bathroom. I want her to understand that it takes much more time to pee in your pants, peel your clothes off, clean you up and put new clothes on than it does to actually just go to the bathroom. I’m frustrated with the whole thing. I don’t ever want her to feel like she can’t come to me for anything in life so I don’t know the best way to go about it.

This week she had three accidents within 10 minutes…{And no there isn’t anything medically wrong with her, we had her checked out by the doc just in case} I took her bedtime movie away and took all snacks away for the rest of the school week. She has actually been really mature about it. She hasn’t argued, but still seems to do the pee pee dance and waits until I tell her to go to the bathroom. When I think about it I try to get her to just go, even if she went 20 minutes ago but half the time she argues with me. I can handle that because most of the time she really doesn’t have to go, but if she does sit down she always goes pee.

Lfirstday Prek

Look at this face though, how can you get really mad at this face!

So here is where I ask y’all for help. What are your suggestions? I am hoping that this punishment thing will work out, but I hate to punish her every time. I want a solution and this feels like a band-aid. We also are going to have her take the pull ups off at night again starting this weekend as we finally got the mattress cover for her bed. She was doing it when she first was potty trained but wasn’t getting a good amount of sleep because she was too stressed out about wetting the bed. She now has a much better grasp on the feeling to pee and the entire process. I’m hoping to get rid of the pull ups by Christmas… I want to save money!!!

On a side note my little man has started asking to go potty. I put her on the potty and he loves it, he still hasn’t gone but I love that he actually is asking to try. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have him potty trained within the next 6 months…. my goal! No more diapers… I can’t stress enough how amazing that would be!

So please, please, please… if you read this and you have potty trained a child give me advice. Take the few minutes to write a comment and if you want leave your address and I will send you a Christmas Card just for stopping by! 🙂

My writers block seems to be slowly breaking down, I have a few topics to talk about in the next few weeks so look forward to hearing from me more and more. If there is anything you want me to talk about, or discuss also let me know. I would love to hear suggestions.

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One response to “I need more laundry detergent….

  1. Stop stressing…… you were exactly the same….. you just didnt want to waste time when playing etc to go to the bathroom…… even when you were in school. shes your double in every way…. dont punush her shes stressed out as it is. Do the reward chart. Put a gold star up on a daily chart…. let her do it. Then tell her you and her will do something special as shes a big girl… just you snd her as jacks only a baby and cant yet do big kid stuff make her feel special.( we all know she is anyway ) …dont make it a big deal or stressful you both end up stressed and frustrated.i will send you a pm on this…… dont want to embarrass you on here.
    she will be fine………. just give her extra hugs tell her your proud of her and make going to bathroom when your out a game……. your smart to think of ways ……. xxx

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