Pumpkin spice “coolatta”

I recently saw a post on IG from one of my favorite people @gr8ideas_4u2share. She has tons of fun things on IG everyday.

Well a few weeks she posted frozen milk with Oreos crushed into it, put into ice cube trays. Right away I got on it! I took L’s Hello Kitty ice cube tray and got to work. Once they were frozen I popped them out and into a blender.

This is what the little suckers looked like

I brewed a pumpkin spice coffee in my Kuerig and added a bunch of ice to cool it down. I put it into the freezer so the ice wouldn’t melt as fast therefore watering down the coffee.
Once cool strain out your ice cubes and poor the coffee into the blender. I added some agave for sweetness and a little extra milk. I used 9 “milk cubes” and blended it all together. Once it was blended it wasn’t quite “coolatta enough” so I added a few ice cubes and blended and it was perfect.

I poured it into a tall glass and enjoyed every sip of it!


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