Kids are our greatest blessings

I mean it. I feel like I was meant to have kids all my life. Being a mother, a SAHM is what I am meant to do,but there are those days when I feel like I am in Groundhog Day. I wake up and realize that I am doing the same thing day after day. There isn’t much variation because I love a routine. Routines keep everything in order and everyone generally happy. I feel guilty thinking that everyday is the same. I try to think of new things for the kids to do, but some days I don’t know if I am doing enough.

L goes to school 5 days a week now. She loves school this year, she has learned to write her name, she likes doing her homework and she doesn’t stop talking in class. This is a HUGE difference from last year, she literally didn’t talk at all in class…. not even at playtime. She wouldn’t answer questions, or talk to the teachers, and wouldn’t even tell them when she wanted to go to the bathroom. It’s nice to see that my little baby is growing up and being even more independant. School is definitely good for us. There are mom’s that are dreading next year… a full day in Kindergarten but for me I can’t’ wait. I think she needs the stimulation and the challenge of school. She will be better if she has a full day under her belt and will learn so much more. Don’t get me wrong I will miss her terribly and the first day I put my little girl on the bus it will probably be one of the hardest days I will have as a mother, but I know that she needs to go to school full day.

J isn’t too far behind her, he will be 2 in Jan and will most likely be starting school in Sept. It will only be two days a week for 3 hours each day but I think he will love it. He always wants to join L in her classroom in the mornings and runs into all the rooms in the afternoon to try and play with the toys. It will be hard to leave him…. for some reason I have a harder time with him. I think its because I know he is probably my last. I want more kids, but realistically i’m not sure if it’s the best idea.

So tomorrow morning I will wake up, change J’s diaper, pry him out of his jammies that he won’t want to take off, get him breakfast, feed the dogs, get L up for school, get her dressed, figure out what she wants for breakfast through whatever mood she is in, pack her lunch, brush her hair, get both kids teeth brushed, jackets on, out the door and then home for 2.5 hours trying to keep J awake so that he can nap properly when L gets home from school. I enjoy my mornings, I enjoy my kids BUT I wouldn’t mind calling in a sick or vacation day every once in a while. I know there are other moms (if not all of you) out there that agree with me. It doesn’t make you a bad mom it makes you a better one. If you take a time out for yourself you will be better for it. More relaxed, less on edge and will enjoy those kids even more. So how about we start a revolution and ask for some vacation days.. heck we don’t even get paid so I don’t see the problem 🙂
Although, the hugs and “I love you’s” are kind of payment enough.



Don’t mind the chew marks on the chair, my dog liked to eat furniture everything when he was little.

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