Hair today, Gone tomorrow

I have been thinking for a LONG time about getting my hair cut. There is something about it that makes you feel renewed and I was at a point in my life that I needed that. I have been struggling with some past decisions that I made in my life lately so I needed a change.

I walked into the hair salon and my hairdresser took me to her chair. I told her I wanted ALL my hair cut off and she nearly jumped for joy. It has to be a lot of fun to just cut someone’s hair off :). The greatest part about all of this is that I was able to donate my hair to “Lock’s of Love.” I wasn’t sure that I would have enough to do it.
So there I am in the chair getting my hair cut, the second I could feel the air on my neck I started to breath a little easier, I let all the stress go with my hair and couldn’t wait to embrace the new me.

Before I went to the salon I put makeup on. I recommend to everyone that you do this only because once your hair is cut and you look in the mirror you wish you had put makeup on lol. I know you are all thinking the same thing….
Once she was done I looked in the mirror and I absolutely loved it. I felt like a million bucks and dare I say sexy.

I can’t even describe what just getting my hair cut has done. It jump started something in me. I feel renewed, I feel connected and I am looking at my self in a new light. My new persona also believes that my new haircut isn’t complete without red lipstick! And normally when I would bring L to school I wouldn’t wear makeup, I would wear sweats and my Uggs… now I get up a little earlier and enjoy doing my makeup and my hair while the kids are eating breakfast. I still sometimes do the sweats and Uggs 😉 C’mon It’s just Pre-school people.

So here is my advice, because I know so many of you are eager to take it, if you have been saying for more than three months that you want to cut your hair just DO IT! I have no fear when it comes to my hair. It grows back and the color can always be redone. People sometimes define themselves by their hair but I don’t think you should. I think you should define yourself by your character and strength. The way you treat others and the way you raise your kids… do you think that your hair can do any of that… nope! So go for it… to those of you that I know who want to get your hair cut i’m speaking to you!

So without further ado… here are the pics. Let me know what you think please 🙂

Firstpicofhair dentist hair makeuphair

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