A Christmas Tree you can eat!

L had a Christmas Concert at school a few weeks ago and we all had to make a treat for the party after.

I wanted to do something a little different so L would be excited to show it off 🙂

This is what I made:


It was super easy to make. Just make cupcakes and color your icing green. Place your cupcakes on your tray and then ice. Its easier than getting icing all over your hands when putting them on the tray. Then place red M&M’s to look like ornaments. I melted a yellow starburst and then cut it into a Star for the top.

Once the tree was made I used mini Twix bars as the Trunk and added mini candies wrapped to look like presents.

I thought it was adorable 🙂 Hopefully you all do too!

I promise I will be back blogging soon. I have a few things already started!

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