Crayon Wreath for L’s Teacher

I believe that teachers are extremely important in our kids lives. They have them for most of the day and teach them all they need to know to grow up to be smart, studious individuals.

I wanted to make them something special for Christmas and I had of course seen the Crayon Wreath on Pinterest so I thought it was perfect.

I took a serving tray from the dollar store and painted it black, this way if there were any holes you wouldn’t see the bright silver of the tray. I took a section in the middle of the try and painted it with three coats of chalkboard paint. I guesstimated the size I would need by putting a few crayons onto the tray.

Once it was dry I started gluing the crayons on. It is actually a little harder than it looks because you can’t put them side by side. They have to be on the right angle in order to go around the entire tray symmetrically. I only needed to do another layer after that and a few fill in spots with a couple of extra crayons.

I then glued a few flowers onto it and wrote a cute note for the teachers.

I took a piece of Rope that would work for everyday use and drilled a small hole through the top of the tray. I put the rope through it and tied two knots and then hot glued them down to ensure it would be secure.

When I came into school after the Christmas holiday’s the wreath was hung up with a nice message for the kids.

Teacher Wreath

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