I don’t know if I’m ready!

Mr A and myself went my to a meeting the other night. A meeting that involved my daughter – No she wasn’t in trouble, she wasn’t hurt she is starting kindergarten!!

Right now she gets up in the morning, I help get her dressed, she sits in her dad’s chair with a tv tray in front of her and I serve her breakfast. She puts her bowl in the sink and brushes her teeth and we are out the door.

They were telling us that when they get to school they can have breakfast, they have 15 minutes to eat and clean up. They then go to class. At lunch time (if they pay for a hot lunch) they get a tray, get on line themselves and tell the lunch ladies what they want! I can’t imagine her doing that. She starts out very shy in a new environment so i’m very nervous.

Then they started talking about the bus schedule. My little pumpkin is one of the farthest, if not the farthest, away.Which means that she will be getting picked up at 7:30 every morning, getting to school st 8:15. Then she leaves school at 2:50 and gets home 45 minute later!! The poor kid is going to be exhausted. That makes me a little but nervous.

I must say that all of the people that spoke at the meeting were very helpful. They said that we can call them if we have any questions at any time.

I also think I am sending J to school next year, It will only be two days for two hours but it will be totally strange. Why do kids have to grow up 😦

Another thing that I am a bit sad about is that I wont see the friends that I have made at school every day. Plus a lot of them are going to the other school so we won’t see them at all unless we do play-dates. We all know how it is though, out of sight out of mind. No one ever means to forget about anyone it just happens. You look at your phone and realize that it has been a month since you spoke to some people.

So my goal this summer is to make sure that we talk about how much fun school and the bus will be. Solidify our relationships with L’s friends so that we have a lot of play-dates.


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