Felt Bow

Felt bows are all the rage now, partly because they are gorgeous and partly because they take 5 minutes to make!

2 different colors of Felt
Glue gun
Clip (if you want to put it in your child’s hair)

Cut 1.5 inch strip of felt long ways on the color of felt that will be the flower. Set aside

Cut .5 inch strip of felt of the width of the color you want to use to be the inside.


Take, in my case, your white felt and start to roll it tight using your glue gun every third turn


Take your purple felt and fold it in half long ways. You then want to put a dab of glue the whole way down to keep it in place


Once the glue dries, and so it doesn’t burn your fingers, you want to cut a slice every quarter inch down the entire felt. You want to make sure that you don’t cut all the way through it.


Take your flower center and wrap your purple felt around it nice and tight gluing along the way. Once you get to the end put a good dab of glue on the last piece and stick it down. You may need to trim a bit of felt once the glue dries. (this will all make sense when you do it!)


The last step is taking a plain clip that you use for your daughters hair and simply glue the flower onto it. They can then wear it to school šŸ™‚


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