How to refill a Bath and Body Work’s Wallflower

I love wallflowers, it means that you have a nice scent throughout the house without doing a thing!

Here are your steps:

empty wallflower

1. Take your sad little wallflower out of the holder (spacing on the name) and give it a little love.


pulling out wallflower2. You have to take out the scent stick, this proved to be a bit difficult for me. Take your time and be careful, I used a knife and after a couple of jabs back and forth it popped out. Make sure that the scent stick stays in, I heard that it is a bit difficult to get back in.


pick your scent3. Pick out your scent. I have some bamboo/eucalyptus oil that I loved. Since it was half full and VERY powerful when the bottle was opened I figured it was perfect as I have to dilute.

add scent4. The finished project. It looks a bit strange only because the water was added (A step that you certainly don’t have to do) Once I put it into the thingy (yes I still can’t remember the damn name) I only had to wait 10 minutes to smell it across the living room.

I have a TON of oils and sometimes I just don’t know what to do with them. I keep certain burners set for just my candles. Now I have a great place to put them. I have 4 thinys so I can put them all over the house so the kids will have nice smelling rooms too 🙂


I hope you give this a try. It only takes 5 minutes. If you do please send me a picture so I can put it up in my Viewer section. (


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