Aint nothin but an $8 million dollar Cesna!

We recently were lucky enough to have gone on a field trip to a local Airport. It was something that wasn’t completely planned, but we were all very excited for the opportunity.
I couldn’t believe that L was old enough to go on a field trip and that I was lucky enough to be the chaperone. This was a dream come true. I remember when I was younger that my mom was always the one that came on the trips. I loved that my mom was the cool one that always came with us and I couldn’t wait for the day that I could do the same.

We all met at the airport (I on the other hand got lost and was 20 minutes late, making everyone else 20 minutes late! Ugh I felt horrible!) we then got the schedule. We went to the maintenance hanger, then to see all the plows, then a trip down the runway, lunch and then we met the bomb dog (By far my favorite part!)

The first part was awesome, the maintenance hanger was so much fun. There were a few Cesna’s in the hanger one of which belonged to Donald Trump! It was the smallest in his fleet and cost only $8 million dollars! The kids also got to go inside one of the places and sit in the seats. All I know is if I am paying that much money for a plane it better have more room, holy hell you basically sit on top of each other….insane.

The kids took pictures inside the plane, sitting in the cockpit and in front of Donald Trump’s plane…here they are 🙂


After the hanger we went outside (took a quick bathroom break) to see the snow plows. They were HUGE (that’s what she said) and the kids were in complete awe.

How cute are they all running underneath the plow. My little lovebug is so cute!

After this we went inside to eat lunch and were greeted by a bomb dog. He was so cool, his name was Sam and he found a “bomb” underneath the garbage can inside the room we were in. After he found the “bomb” the cop played with him for a few minutes as a reward and then the kids got to line up and pet him. All of the kids were so excited to pet him and I ended up getting a great picture of L.

Once the dog left the kids were able to finish eating and talk about their day a little bit. The way the described everything to each other was very inspiring to listen too. It makes you look at things a different way, looking through a 4/5 year olds eyes is refreshing.

On the way home she told me that she loves spending time with just me. She said that it was one of the best day’s ever and she can’t wait for another trip. I told her that I felt the same way and that I was lucky to be able to stay at home with her and her brother. I asked her to thank her daddy when he got home because he is the one that lets me stay home. One of those moments that makes you life completely worthwhile.

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