Marinol, Cannabis, pot…. its all the same right? Read on….

I am turning 34 tomorrow…. i’m really not scared of getting older because the older I get the more I know who I am. I appreciate everything more and I dont get involved with all that stupid drama that people try to start.

I am turning 34 and I take over 20 pills a day for pain. The kicker, I still have pain. I can deal its totally fine, I am used to it. There is no cure, no explanation to what I have and why I got it. They say it normally occurs when you have surgery or an accident. They think that it most likely stemmed from my back surgery but since I had such a bad experience with my last C-Section it may have thrown it into overdrive.

So now that I have rambled I will explain why I started writing this…. Medical Marijuana is now legal in NY state. I used to smoke Pot, I used to skip school occasionally go to the arcade and smoke pot with a bunch of friends, but I got over that stage very quickly. {mom and dad the best part about this is that I told you I did it, granted it was years later but we have such an awesome relationship you know all about it 🙂 }

Okay so back to pain, I have kids… I know that. I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize them. I am taking the strongest pain killer that you can get prescribed 6 times a day. So what would really be the difference if I smoked a little pot. I would obviously only do it when Mr. A was home so I would have another parent there, but if it meant that I maybe didn’t have to take 2 or 4 pain killers then I feel like that would be a good thing.

I don’t want my kids to think thats it’s okay so I would probably ask if I could have the pill version. They know mommy has to take pills to make her feel better. I mean guys, I can’t even get up from a chair without feeling like my knees are going to shatter.

I don’t know, I feel like there has to be something better than this. I don’t know if I can see a life with this much pain in it every day. The only positive thing is that it isn’t known to get worse with age. I don’t want the negative aspects of “Oh you are taking Pot”. I think thats stupid because people should mind their own damn business, but I do worry about the social aspects of it. It’s not the first thing that I would be telling people, but if it got out I wouldn’t want to be ostracized because of something that I’m doing.

The only downsized to taking it would be the “munchies” haha…. I don’t need another excuse to eat a bowl of ice cream, but if that’s the worst side effect then I guess I could handle it.


Okay discuss…. be nice…. please.

2 responses to “Marinol, Cannabis, pot…. its all the same right? Read on….

  1. I am not a smoker myself but definitely have smoked a jay from time to time . I would be more worried about the top strength pain pills then a joint . My poor dad has been crippled with pain the last couple of years , to see a once strong as an ox man turn into a frail man is heart breaking and all because of pain . Do whatever you got to do, if it’s legal there now , then why not . Take the pill form if it makes you feel less like a thug :)) . So sorry to hear you have to deal with so much pain . Xxx

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