Friends… No not the tv show (although it was my favorite!)

You know a friend once told me that if your friends haven’t run away by now they aren’t going to. It’s so true in life right? We all strive to get friends and then strive to keep them, but the most connected, most undeniable friendships will last just about anything.

In grammar school we have 40 friends, in high school we have our clique and the other people that we call friends and in college they narrow down.

THEN you get married, lose a few more. Have kids, lose a few more and realize that you are left with 3 or 4 great friends that would die for you. An unaltered love that will stand the test of time.

Things happen, you get sick, your family gets sick, a friend gets sick. Whatever it is, you don’t even have to think if these people will show up, it’s just understood that they will. Isn’t that amazing? To have those people in this world that you connected with so much that when you look around you will be surrounded by love? Just take a moment to think how great that is. How amazing that feeling actually is. Because in this life it’s easy to feel alone.

I feel alone a lot, but it’s my own insecurity that keeps me from letting people all the way in. I will, however, be there for the people I love. I have to strive a bit more to reach out. There are those voices in my head telling me I’m not good enough, I’m not special enough, pretty enough, skinny enough.

I asked my daughter the other night if she though I was too chunky bc I never want her to be embarrassed of me. She told me that I was perfect and I didn’t have to change anything (except occasionally wearing makeup when I look tired). I hope that she sees everyone as perfect all her life because she will then come out of it with a lot more friends than anyone could have.

To those special people in my life, as William Shakespeare wrote
“I would not wish
Any companion in the world but you.”

You know who you are. You know who, even if we aren’t in touch daily, I love. And you know who I would die for.

I have picked you to be my family. And my family you are. I love you.


3 responses to “Friends… No not the tv show (although it was my favorite!)

  1. OK… I agree with most of this…. I think the “BEST” friend tag takes time.. At this stage in my life I have lots of good friends a few are great friends and a handful are best friends… Hand out the “Best” to quick, then YOU get disappointed and hurt… A best friend knows things instinctively and instincts take time. So start slow… You have to BE the friend that you want to have (if that makes sense) and if a friendship feels like hard work, let it go….. xoxox

  2. You’re so sensible Jan I’m so glad you’ve remembered all I’ve taught you in the past lol

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